Windows Vista Performance Tweaking

Windows Vista has around 130 services. According many reports, Vista is very computer intensive, so it may take a couple tweaks to lighten it up a bit to suit your needs. The names are rather vague like ‘ReadyBoost’ and ‘SuperFetch’. How will you know which are safe to disable? Hopefully we can help. We have a full list of all Vista services and recommended settings for them. This site contains registry files for easily resetting your services settings back to factory in case you mess it up or just wish to have a good way to go back to factory.

We also feature various other tweaks to speed up your system. I’ve run Vista on various hardware, and I do think that the reports of it requiring a super new computer are vastly overrated (except in the graphics card department, if you want Aero). The minimum system requirements only state 800mhz, which means most computers sold in the last 7 years. It may not be pretty, but it should run. Maybe right out of the box, it’s a bit heavy, but hopefully with this site you can get it working smoothly and efficiently to suit your needs.

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